Wampler Thirty Something

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Product Description

Wampler Pedals

A compact pedal that achieves the classic British tone of Vox amps.

Over the last couple of years, Wampler Pedals hasreleased the Black ’65 and Tweed ’57 to complement the Plexi-Drive in the Heritiage Series. Having mastered the classic American tones from both the Blackfaced amps of the ’60s and the Tweed style of the ’50s, Wampler decided it was time to concentrate on the other classic British tone – the tones made famous by VOX amplifiers.

Renowned for their bell like quality and brilliance of clarity, these are the tones that have been the cornerstone of many famous musicians. Bands that have endorsed these classic tones are: The Beatles, U2, Brad Paisley, The Shadows and, of course, the man with the most unique guitar tone of them all – Dr. Brian May of Queen.

Finally after tweaking this pedal for three years, the folks at Wampler were beyond happy. Other pedals have come and gone, but this one has always been on the breadboard; being tweaked here and modified there. Finally they were ready to present one of their favorite tones of all time.

What makes those amps so special? Well, first of all there is the chime – A beautifully clear and concise high response that cuts through anything. Then there is the overdrive. When you push it hard (with the boost switch activated), the tone creates a midrange hump that makes your tone enormous, but with enough clarity to hear every string ring through. The Thirty Something truly is a master class in tone.

As you would expect from Wampler Pedals, great care has been taken to ensure authenticity of tone. The EQ features a Top Cut (not an inverted treble boost), that reacts and removes the same spectrum of frequencies you would expect from the originals. Switchable gain stages allow you a much clearer tone right up to the that beautiful, almost regal overdrive. On the inside is a trim pot that will adjust the input gain; so if you are using a guitar with hotter pickups, dropping this back a touch will allow you to retain a true clean tone. Wampler have taken their time to ensure that this pedal is just right.

So now you can make your guitar rig sound like a classic hand-wired Vox amplifier. With just a click of a switch, you can go from chicken-pickin country licks to classic rock tones fit for a Queen, all without breaking the bank.


  • Authentic vintage Vox AC30 tone
  • EQ with Top Cut feature