Wampler SLOstortion

Product Description

Wampler Pedals (preview)

Somewhere between the classic distortion tones and the ultra-modern high gain sound, there was an American amplifier that redefined gain… The Soldano SLO-100.

The SLO-stortion – American High Gain Distortion. Two gain stages, three band EQ with an independent boost control. The flick switch will act as a voicing option/gain boost. From crunch to full screaming overdrive…

The genius in this pedal is the independent boost circuit. This not a simple volume or gain boost, this is a fully functional signal booster (volume and gain) that works independently from the gain stages… so it works when the pedal is bypassed… This is a completely new circuit and sounds amazing…

Not only does it give you that SLO-100 sound, but it’s really easy to get that ADA MP-1 tone also… So, this one will be able to take you from George Lynch and Nuno Bettencourt right the way back to a more tone driven, sweet all American stack… It’s going to be a killer!