Wampler PlexTortion

Product Description

Wampler Pedals

The Plextortion is a distortion pedal that was originally designed to emulate a JCM800 with celestion greenbacks (Back in Black era AC/DC tones through van halen, dokken, ratt, and all those amazing 80’s rock “cranked Marshall” tones). It has a very ‘brown’ sounding distortion, a bit similar to the pinnacle pedal.

It differs from the pinnacle in that it is a tighter distortion, more like preamp tube distortion where the pinnacle is a bit looser, more like power tube distortion.

The Super Plextortion differs from the standard Plextortion in that it has 3 totally different gain structures. It is more of a transparent type of tone (more of a celestion vintage 30 type of tone) where the standard plextortion has more of a mid focused marshally ‘greenback’ sound to it.

Basically, the super plextortion is more of a modern sounding distortion where the standard plextortion is more vintage sounding.

I’ve noticed that some guys like play their distortion pedals that emulate marshall tones THROUGH a marshall. Let’s be honest – I can play a chorus pedal through a marshall and get a very “marshally” sounding chorus pedal… In my opinion this isn’t a fair or accurate representation of a pedal. Because of this, I record my clips and videos through everyday affordable guitars and amps in order to be as accurate as possible.