Wampler Faux Spring Reverb

Product Description

Wampler Pedals

Fat, watery spring reverb in a pedal… without the springs! From subtle to surf to extreme ambient textures, you can even hear the “boing!” with extreme settings.

Reverb is one of those type of effects that has a great effect on textures, tone, and ‘color’ or ‘mood’ of the guitar… an extremely passionate and melodic guitar solo requires a thick lush reverb to give it the texture, mood, and emotion that it deserves. A high quality reverb with a analog signal path is a must – after all, many like to leave reverb on nearly 100% of the time, so why mess your pure signal up with a digitized signal path?

You see, many reverbs go through an analog to digital conversion and then convert back from digital to analog after making the reverb echoes. This process will wreak havoc on your tone, making it seem lifeless, sterile, and…well, just BAD. The Faux Spring Reverb has an analog base tone even when turned up all the way, so no worries about this pedal wrecking your tone!

The tone control on it allows you to darken or brighten your echoes, and does not affect your core base tone at all.


  • High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
  • Completely true bypass
  • Controls: level, tone (brightness of reverb, doesn’t affect base tone), depth
  • Ultra-bright LED for ease of use
  • 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss) only, no battery available
  • Powder coated durable finish
  • 2.8ms max reverb time
  • 5 year warranty