Strymon Brigadier dBucket Delay

Product Description

Strymon has recently teamed up with the excellent engineers from Damage Control Engineering (makers of the highly regarded TimeLine). Out of this collaboration has come some groundbreaking new technology. We are extremely pleased to give you a preview of our newest product … the BBD. This is the codename for now, as we haven’t yet finalized the shipping product name. The BBD is of the highest quality delays ever produced. We’re very happy with how this little guy is turning out.

What is this thing?! : BBD takes the compact aluminum chassis and form factor developed for the OB.1 and crams in a TON of DSP horsepower … more than has ever existed in such a compact pedal. We love analog delays but at the same time they pose some serious limitations. So, we decided to take a super powerful SHARC DSP and dedicate to doing one thing and one thing only … delivering the best analog bucket brigade delay sound ever. Because we have the entire DSP dedicated to doing one extremely high quality effect, we are able to concentrate on every last detail that makes an analog delay special. No stone has been left unturned … every single bucket is recreated in the BBD. And, since we’re doing all of this without regular old bucket brigade chips, you get all the tone and none of the noise (unless you choose to add it back in with our exclusive “bucket loss” control … yes!). Our super high quality A/D converters run at 24 bit 96kHz. True bypass ensures purity of the signal path. Alternately, selectable analog buffered bypass mode enables delay persist (commonly referred to as “trails”). And, DSP allows us to take an analog delay to places that none have gone before and implement features that would be absolutely impossible with a standard analog delay, such as our “bucket loss” control. Best of all, your dry guitar signal is never digitized, instead being mixed in analog with the delayed signal. Analog dry path … it’s the best of both worlds. Tap tempo and modulation are an absolute must these days, so we threw those in too 🙂