Red Sun FX Mammut Muff

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Product Description

This pedal is based on the Green Russian Muff – and a bunch of great features have been added – the main one is the BLEND knob that makes this pedal suitable for bass without using low end. Further internal controls allow you to adjust your sound to your specific needs. The Mammut Muff was developed for Mammut (The Loranes).

Internal control to shape the behaviour of the tone control/mid scoop. DIP Switches: High Pass Filter to cut low end, Low Pass Filter to cut high end, switches to individually remove the both pairs of clipping diodes.


  • selected silicon transistors
  • circuit handwired on a special black circuit board
  • Switchcraft jacks, OMEG audio grade metal case potentiometers
  • professional grade footswitch, made in Japan by DeMont
  • True bypass with white status LED
  • rugged black powdercoated Hammond enclosure
  • laser-etched faceplate

Special Edition has a Hammond 1590D enclosure. It is BIG.