Red Sun FX Grantler

Product Description

This loud and rude pedal is designed to give you power-amp-like distortion in a stompbox. Coming from Munich-based pedal makers at °red sun fx, the Grantler contains a 1W power amp chip for cranked, high-gain saturation.

The brand-new pedal has a simple design, with one “Pegel” master volume knob and the “Grant” preamp gain knob, which offers myriad tone-sculpting possibilities. In addition, the Grantler contains a surprise twist.

If you open up the pedal, you can adjust the “Beer” dip switch, which can bring the amount of power amp gain down by a factor of ten, taming the high gain saturation to a crunch.

As Andy explains in the demonstration above, a “grantler” is a Bavarian term for an older, beer-swilling man shouting from beer gardens, and this pedal certainly lives up to its name. It can add a fat snarl to rhythm guitar and bass or bring a fiery sustain to leads.