Fulltone Soul Bender SB-2

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Product Description

Fat, warm and juicy–just like the original Sola Sound Tonebender pedals. Fulltone reissues their famous Soul Bender, now in a smaller enclosure.

Equipped with 3 gain-matched germanium transistor for a FAT, searing lead tone, they’ve improved on the original by adding an internal trimmer allowing you to reshape the distortion from Rich legato sustain to bombastic all-out square fuzz. They also made the Tone control response and range more usable and much less shrill sounding…Full clockwise is SMOOTH sounding.


  • Small Enclosure
  • 9V Battery or Reverse Polarity 9V adapter (not included)
  • Germanium Transistors
  • Tone Knob reduces treble and raised mids and lows and vice versa