Fulltone Octafuzz OF-1

Product Description

This might be the best Fuzz/Distortion sound I offer…and it was a mistake. One of my employees left something disconnected, I plugged it in and WOW. So I made it switchable.

Dynamic, FAT, serious feedback and sustain at any volume, still the same price….NOW I can justify having this thing take up precious real estate on my board because I get a Killer, Balls-out singing Fuzztone as well.

I hear some people say, “oh I like the so and so, it’s this or that”..but make no mistake about it, this is IDENTICAL in every facet including layout, size, brand of transistors, Transformer look and specs, etc etc…..identical to the legendary Tycobrahe Octavia of Landau and SRV fame. And the Tycobrahe was copied directly from one of Jimi’s 3 “Octavio” pedals by the Tycobrahe PA company of Redondo Beach CA in the early ’70’s. There are many Vintage restored $1000 Tycobrahes that have my Octafuzz guts because they are 100% the same in sound and looks…I did 25-30 in the early Fulltone days. So you may like your so and so, but you’ll NEVER get closer to the real thing than the Octafuzz.