Fulltone Full-Drive 3

Product Description


Coming Winter 2012…

In celebration of Fulltone’s 20 years as the world’s premiere boutique pedal manufacturer, we are releasing a signed, limited edition Fulldrive called the “FD3”!

Features include:

  • 4558 chip
  • Warm mid-90’s FD2 voicing
  • A completely independent, discrete JFET Clean Boost with only a Volume control (more importantly, this circuit does not invert the signal like most clean-boosts). This Boost is positioned post-Overdrive, and can be used with or without the overdrive section of the pedal.
  • Icing on the cake? The housing will be substantially smaller than the traditional FD2/GT500 yet still feature 2 very functional footswitches. What did you expect 😉

This will initially only be available direct, and only to those loyal customers who find this on my site and contact us directly… don’t waste time trying to find this at a dealer, they won’t know what you’re talking about.