Fulltone FB-2 Fat-Boost

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Product Description

Fulltone (2007-2009)

The old Gray FatBoost is out to pasture. This is a total ground-up re-design.

  • Class-A , 100% JFET powered, no op amps!
  • the most headroom (before clipping) of any pedal you’ve tried.
  • pre-clipping Bass Control (keeps things from getting flabby when using neck pickup.
  • perfect Treble control, allows lots of sparkle, yet can brown up nicely.
  • one of the byproducts of this well-designed multi-stage FET device is that it is probably the best compressor you’ll ever feel, You Nashville Tele and strat players are going to LOVE what this feels like and what it does to the Recording Levels.
  • offers a little bit of Tweed-style crunch tone with Drive control turned up, but excels as clean Booster.
  • a better output section (non-inverting, and extremely Low-Z output to drive other pedals and long cables)
  • our proprietary “you can’t kill it with any power supply, it’ll run off anything!” power section.
  • True Bypass, Super Bright LED, and our exclusive anti-pop switching circuitry.