Fulltone FB-1 Fat-Boost

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Product Description

Fulltone (2001-2007)

This magic little box (the size of an MXR phase 45) is for the Purist, whether you’re a Guitarist, a Bassist, whether your thing is Jazz, Rock, Acoustic/Electric, or Heavy Rock.

Not a distortion box, the Fat-Boost is a Class A Discrete design offering up to up to 30db of Clean Boost without ANY change to your EQ…. and at the same time it makes your sound Bigger, with more even order harmonics! You Blues players with the vintage-type tube amps will never turn this thing off… and it works great in front of Master-Volume amps to kick them up a notch as well.

The Fat-Boost gives you the feeling that your amp is cranked at living room volumes so clean playing is more dynamic, notes hold on longer without being distorted!

Design Note: Rev2 version of the Fatboost is my design. Older (pre 11 position detented knob) versions were very close to Jack Orman’s Mini Booster. I changed the Fatboost in early 2003 and Jack was paid in full for all “pre-detent versions” ever made. The REv2 is superior sounding, in my opinion.