Fulltone CFV-2 ChoralFlange

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Product Description


After exploring every possible avenue trying to get enough CLEAN headroom out of the 3207 delay chip(9 volt circuit) we’ve come to the conclusion that the currently made 3207 delay chips are not at all the same as the good old Panasonic units from the 80’s. The new ones just distort horribly, plain and simple. We’ve moved on to the MN3007 with 18volt circuit and everything’s working great, This pup can take in excess of 3 volts (an active Pickup equipped Bass guitar) without getting ugly. THAT’s what I want! In addition, 18 volts worth of headroom on the circuit give such a ridiculous amount of sweet fllanging, it’s definitely worth the extra cost and trauma of wasted $100,000 investment on the 3207 chips.

The CFV-2 is the world’s only True-Stereo INPUT & OUTPUT Analog Chorus/Flange/Vibrato, meaning it is truly 2 seperate pedals (with 2 delay chips) joined at the hip, yet doing exactly the opposite of eachother. I played the big ugly prototype for hours yesterday and was struck with how great the preamp sounds, how you could not get it to break up in an ugly way, and I play heavy strings using my thumb & fingers much like a bass player. There are so many useable sounds in this thing, all easy to get to, that I can’t wait to get the CFV-2 out there to hear some of the great things that creative minds will be able to do with this lovely device.


  • Stereo Analog Chorus: way more transparent (if that’s your desire) than the old Fulltone CF-1. way more headroom, way Thicker fatter (if that’s your thing) and you can blend in the exact amount of vibrato you desire, which puts you in to (and well past) the thick CE-1 sounds that have been missing for 25 years.
  • Stereo Analog Vibrato True Pitch-Bend Vibrato that can be as subtle or as bombastic as you want thanks to the “Delay Time,” “Overdrive,” and “Mix” knobs. No, this is not CE-1 style vibrato, this is Magnatone-style pure non chorused like he old Boss VB-2 only much better because you can vary the delay time to as wide or narrow a pitchbend as you like. Because of the seperate Instrument & Effect Level controls, you can also get some very “Brown Fender amp” style vibratos as well.
  • Stereo Analog Flange with the ability to go so slow & thick you can almost see it travelling between the amps
  • INSTRUMENT LEVEL knob: affects only ther guitar, bass, etc unaffected level
  • DRIVE Knob: yep, has built in OVERDRIVE via mini knob to thicken up, downright Distort, or make it crystal clean..all modes and Yes, with the “Mix Knob” all the way off use it a Bad-assed standalone Overdrive….talk about earning its place on the pedal board.
  • EFFECT LEVEL Knob: a true Mix control bringing in exactly the right amount of effected signal with the original
  • SPEED Knob: great oscillator and LFO design, gets super slow and blinding fast speeds.. Does great Rotating Speaker simulations as well.
  • TONE knob: very simple, need it a little warmer? Dial down the Tone control.