Eventide Rose Pedal

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Product Description

Description of auctioned prototype

Anthony Agnello is perhaps the most respected and creative sonic manipulator in the history of sound processing technology. He’s one of our true geniuses. When sonic manipulation was in its infancy, Tony designed almost all of the early Eventide gear, starting with the historical H910. This was the introduction to pitch shifting, delay, feedback regeneration and other unique features that are standard in the industry today. So whenever an artist uses a device that includes these parameters, we can thank Anthony and his team. And he is still with Eventide developing innovative products.

Tony is on a mission to create audio effects that harken back to the earliest days of digital audio; to a time when digital was capable of nothing more than simple delay. To a time before standards for sample rate were dictated by the industry.

Tony instructed his team to create a platform that is “as analog as possible” yet open-ended. Tony believes that this research, this approach, will yield a family of products that sound and behave differently than modern DSP-based effects.

A small number of experimental prototypes of a guitar pedal, a Rose Pedal, were fabricated and six of them were placed in the hands of guitarists that Tony personally approached. Steve Vai is one of those players. This experimental wild Rose is unwieldy and will never exist as a product. The design is being refined, tamed.

But here, Tony has agreed to donate his personal experimental Rose for this auction. It is one of a kind built by one of our true geniuses.