Catalinbread Naga Viper

Product Description


I am in love with the classic British heavy guitar sounds of guitarists like Tony Iommi and Brian May. I used to wonder how they could get a sound so alive and juicy and exciting. I certainly couldn’t get that sound from my Marshall using a tube screamer. Finally, I found out they all used a thing called a “treble booster”. So I bought a couple rangemaster-based pedals and eventually got to building some of my own using rare unobtanium mojo parts. They sounded great!

But I wanted more control over the boost so I came up with an extended version of the classic circuit that allowed fine-tuning the frequency response and the gain. Plus, I wanted something that was temperature stable but still sounded warm and juicy like the ones built with rare germanium transistors.

So, I ended up with what we call the Naga Viper. Oh, btw, the Naga Viper is the current world record holder for the hottest pepper! Seemed like a good thing to call the world’s hottest boost! 😉

– Howard Gee, Catalinbread