Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

Product Description


Hi, and thanks for getting a Dirty Little Secret! I’m really stoked on this new version of the DLS and hope you will be too! I managed to pack a lot of Marshall tones in there between the SL and SB modes. It was a tight fit but I managed to cram it all in there! The SB mode solved a problem I’ve had for years – how to get a Fuzz Face to sound great at any volume. Even my beloved purple Marshalls didn’t sound good with a Fuzz Face. After much research and amp modding, I gured out the secret. And I was able to bring that insight into the design of the SB mode on the DLS. Now I (and YOU!) can enjoy great Fuzz Face (or any other fuzz) tone through almost any amp at any volume! And the SL mode. Plug a humbucker guitar into the DLS set to SL mode and tell me if that’s not the most fun you’ve had playing guitar in a while. Woo hoo! I can y!

Anyways… hope you dig it!


… Howard Gee