Aerials 212OB

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Go back in time with this vintage 2×12 from High & Tight Custom Cabs. Once again featuring exposed wood across the front and back, the decorative spacer sets Aerials apart from your everyday 2×12 cab.

We didn’t just put tweed on this cabinet and call it vintage. We used overlapping upholstery techniques to mimic the look and feel of that classic tweed cab. Throw in the perfect brown grill cloth and silver jack ferrules, and you’ve got a cab that will make your grandpa smile.

The style that has become signature in High & Tight Cabs goes hand in hand with their signature warm sound. Domestic 3/4″ plywood, hand crafted construction, and a solid baffle rings out a gorgeous tone through two Celestion Creambacks.

Bring style and sound together with the 2015 winter model. Play with confidence when you play High & Tight.

Type: Custom & Boutique
Brand: High and Tight Custom Cabs
Condition: New