Archer 212OB

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High & Tight’s hand-crafted detail separates this 2×12 from other cabs. The exposed wood across the front and back highlights the unique style, without taking away from the sound.

At 20.75″x32″x12″, the Archer is wider than most 2×12 cabs, and puts out a wider range of notes, too. Highs and mids are clear and distinct, and with front-to-back supports and 3/4″ domestic birch plywood, low ends really thump through two Celestion Vintage 30s. Get even more versatility through this 8 ohm, 120 watt cab.

Bring style and sound together with this inaugural model. Play with confidence when you play High & Tight.

Type: Custom & Boutique
Brand: High and Tight Custom Cabs
Condition: New