Sleeping Dog FX Wet Dog Analog Chorus

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Sleeping Dog FX brings you the Wet Dog all analogue chorus pedal.

if you’re looking for a versatile chorus / vibrato pedal that can give

you a lush ambient chorus

or a wave of sea sick modulation in one handy package then look

no further. The Sleeping Dog FX Wet Dog Analogue Chorus is here.

Giving you a wide variety of chorus & vibrato tones from a warm shimmer

to full on pitch bending mayhem

The Wet Dog Analogue chorus will be providing you with dreamy inspiration as soon as you plug in.

With an all analogue signal path and Utilising NOS Bucket Brigade chips

in the delay circuit the Wet Dog analogue chorus will produce the sweet

and dreamy chorus sounds of vintage chorus effects.

Featuring a multitude of controls for an analogue chorus pedal,

The Wet Dog ensures that every guitar or bass

player will be able to quickly tune in the chorus tones they’re searching for.

With a 3 way Modulation intensity switch you can switch from a

subtle shimmer to full on intense modulation.

And in conjunction with the Depth and Rate control you can easily dial in the right amount of chorus for your needs.

The Level control allows you to blend in the perfect amount of clean or

wet signal, especially handy when being used for Bass guitars

There’s also a handy little thickness switch, turn this on and it adds

further bass content to the wet signal only ensuring that

you don’t get lost in mix in a band setting.

Additionally there’s a vibrato switch that cuts the clean guitar

signal giving you only the wet signal at the output

for a pseudo Vibrato effect.


Features an all analogue signal path and NOS Bucket Brigade Chips (BBD’s) in the delay circuit.

Wet Volume, Depth and Rate controls giving you a wide palette of Chorus Tones.

An LED tempo indicator to ensure that you’re warbling in time.

3 way toggle switch for a selection of different Chorus intensities.

Taking you from a subtle shimmer to full on seasick modulation.

Bass boost switch to thicken up the wet signal so you don’t get lost in the mix.

Additional Vibrato switch, giving you just the wet signal at the output for a Pseudo vibrato effect.

High quality audio components throughout.

True Bypass switching to ensure your clean signal is unaffected when not in use.

Requires 9v dc Centre negative power supply.

Input impedance 1M OHM

Output impedance 100k OHM

Current Draw 9mA

Presented in a fantastic silk screened violet sparkle enclosure


Type: Custom & Boutique
Brand: Sleeping Dog FX
Condition: New