Ibanez GE 601 Graphic Equalizer, vintage narrow box! Japan

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Here is a vintage Ibanez GE 601 graphic equalizer, narrow box series with square switch and Ibanez trademark ®. The lack of "flying fingers" graphic means this is probably from the second year of production. Rare and collectable!

This is a six band EQ with up to 16db of boost!

Great condition for its age. Paint scratches (see photos) and two missing screws but it works perfectly.

Quote from tonehome.com

"The narrow box series with square switch was a fugacious series between the first issue narrow boxes and the subsequent standard box series with easy battery access. New effects were introduced, namely Analog Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Graphic EQ and the famed Tube Screamer. Only Flanger, Tube Screamer, Graphic EQ and Chorus were available with different graphics, first with, later without lateral flying fingers decor. Compressor II and Phase Tone are incredibly rare since they hade been produced before with round switch and stores were still well stocked with the earlier model. Stereo Box and both earlier Overdrives were discontinued in this series."

These narrow box pedals were made for only a couple years and are driving up in value because of their rarity and collectability.

This GE 601 works great and would be a great addition to any guitar arsenal or vintage gear collection. See photos for overall cosmetic condition. Scratches, scrapes and paint chips, but nothing to effect the functionality of the pedal.

*Note, no box, battery or power supply included. What you see in the photos is what you will receive.

This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee or warranty issued. I have described the item to the best of my ability and I will pack and ship securely.

Type: Vintage (+25 years)
Brand: Ibanez
Condition: Used