Humbuckers Peter Green / Gary Moore Voiced

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These pickups are based on the PAF's in the '59 Les Paul made famous by Peter Green and continued by Gary Moore.

The unique middle position tone that is sought after by many is the result of an accidentally out of phase neck pickup. The story goes that back when Peter Green owned it the neck pickup died and was repaired by a tech in London. Whether it was done purposely or simply because he lacked the proper plain enamel wire the tech used Formvar wire to wind the neck coils. This is an important detail often overlooked in the quest to reproduce these famous pickups. The most important and most widely known detail is the neck pickup coils are reverse wound, meaning they were wound in the opposite direction as the originals which means they're also wound the opposite direction of the bridge pickup coils as well. This is what causes the pickups to be out of phase in the middle position and produce that nasal-like sound.

Made using the highest quality American made components(see photos) throughout including; 18% nickel/silver base plates with correct threaded pole screw holes, and nickel/silver covers, custom USA made vintage 1010 alloy keeper bars, poles screws and slugs, full size specially formulated rough cast alnico two magnets, northern hard rock maple spacers, special vintage design brass bobbin screws, hand selected 42 awg plain enamel in the bridge, NOS 42 awg heavy Formvar from 1959 in the neck coils. Vintage braided 22awg lead wire, and lightly wax potted. I pot these because most players use some type of overdrive with these and it eliminates any unwanted micro-phonics that high gain can bring about. If you prefer un-potted coils, no problem at all just be sure to let me know.

These come with raw/bare nickel covers(un-plated) unless requested otherwise. Available options include: no covers with any combo of cream & black bobbins, nickel or chrome plated covers, gold plated covers and pole screws at an extra cost of £20.00 per pickup.

Make no mistake, buying and installing these pickup will not make you play like Peter Green or Gary Moore. Same goes for my other artist inspired pickups for that matter. There are specific qualities to each artist's sound and the intent is to help you coax that sound out of your playing. The artist inspired pickups are meant to help nudge you in the right direction, they aren't a substitute for years of practice.

Type: Custom & Boutique
Brand: Onomac Windery
Condition: New