Jeff Beck Strat Pickups

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This listing is for a set of built to order hand crafted pickups designed so when combined with gain they produce a bold Jeff Beck style tone. This set has tone that is meant to be big, HUGE even, with a very thick tone to capture the essence of Beck's sound. "Thick & full", "powerful", "big", "loud", and are just some of the comments made by customers who have these pickups.

Meant for high gain these are not for the weak of heart, they really crank and are simply awesome cranked.

Full range, no mid scoop they are wound to what could be considered high output for single coils up in the 7k/8k, 3-4H range. They're wound with full size (42awg) SPN wire with Alnico 5's in the neck, alnico 2's in the middle/bridge on gray bottoms with cloth pushback leads.

What seperates these from run of the mill overwound sets is these don't have that icky overwound sound. Although they're meant to used with lots of gain, when played clean they remain surprisingly articulate with a traditional Strat sound.

The Strat-quack is not as pronounced as other lower output sets but that's by design, listen to his current sound. If you'd like to try some I'm ready when you are. They come RW/RP unless you tell me otherwise.

Type: Custom & Boutique
Brand: Onomac Windery Pickups
Condition: New