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Sell on Soundpeers (FAQ)

Q. What is Soundpeers?

Soundpeers is an online community where you can promote your audio and music equipment to an international audience. We value quality and well designed items manufactured by luthiers, builders and handcrafters. If you do boutique, custom or vintage, this is your place.

Q. What are the benefits of listing my gear at Soundpeers?

Soundpeers allows you to focus on your passion while leveraging time consuming tasks related to business, marketing, design and programming. Since you create your shop, a team of professionals is working with you showing your magic to the world and increasing your sales.

Q. How much does it cost me?

As long as Soundpeers is in beta, you can create your shop and list all your gear completely for free. After this period we plan to introduce either a commission per sale or a monthly subscription adapted to the needs of each business. In case we change any of the terms, we will always inform you with sufficient time.

Q. How do I create a shop in Soundpeers?

Sign up in Soundpeers with your email or Facebook account. After confirmation you will be able to list your gear pushing the button ‘Post a new listing’ located on the top right side of the screen. Communication within Soundpeers is the only way to evaluate the value of our service, please do not add links to your site or contact details.

Q. How do I process an order?

When somebody wants to buy an equipment, you receive an email with a link to a private conversation in Soundpeers. Then you both can arrange payment and delivery details before you send the goods through your normal channel.

Q. I still have some doubts.

We intentionally made this FAQ short, so you can read it in two minutes. Contact us in case you want to know more.