ToneStack Burlesque Drive

Product Description

Enjoy the cheecky and sweet sound of our beloved Burlesque Drive! This lady knows what she wants!

  • Hardwired true bypass
  • 3mm Bright led
  • 9-18 volt negative center
  • In/Out 63mm Jack
  • Dimensions : 111x60x30mm
  • Guitar or Bass version

She can be sexy with a bite but hit her extra switch for more gain and this spinning kitty cat will transform in to a roaring tiger!!

A low noise opamp and 3 Schkottky diodes 2 leds diodes make this lady sing!
The tone knob is also different from all the other overdrive pedals, it doesn’t make the sound all dark and blurry only the highends are filtered so a clean and transparent sound will remain even at low guitar volumes!!

Low gain and high volume make it a perfect booster! turn up the gain and flip the switch for more gain….let’s Rock!!!

Todd Kerns Limited editions  – Guitar and Bass version

As of Jan. 2019 James Kennedy ( Kyshera ) will be using the Burlesque Drive for his upcoming album and tours.