Catalinbread Valcoder

Product Description

The Backstory

If this pedal seems oddly familiar to you, it should. The original Valcoder came out way back in 2008 as part of our old ‘Bantam Box’ line – I had been with Catalinbread for about a year at that point and I was bugging Nicholas to make a Valco-flavored tremolo as there were none out there and it was such a cool sound! So he set about making one and man if he didn’t nail the sound of my old blue ‘65 Supro S6416T Trojan Tremolo! I don’t know exactly how many of those little guys we made before jettisoning the Bantam form factor, but they’ve become collectible now so I guess we were on to something!

That sound was still really compelling to us (and by now you can understand why), so Bryan Lundstrom of our design team dove back into it. This time he had the idea to marry the preamp sound and dynamic qualities of his old ‘50s Supro Supreme with a new, more refined approach to the tremolo circuit – brilliant! Creating the all-discrete preamp section so that it sounds, behaves, and feels like the real thing was no easy task, much less finding a way to mimic the unique characteristics of the Valco tremolo sound but as you can hear he did it. We hope you find it as compelling as we do!

– Mike ‘erksin’ Erickson