Catalinbread Karma Suture – Silicon Edition

Product Description


When I came up with the original Germanium Karma Suture recipe, I knew that more sounds could be conjured from this amazingly simple, yet mysterious, two transistor circuit. So, a few months ago it was time for me to hit the breadboard again and see what I could do with it now. I started experimenting with different transistors, diodes, and biasing and was drawn to the powerful, cutting sound of an all-silicon recipe. The germanium model already had the sweeter, lighter sounds covered. It was time for something loud and aggressive! Now, fuzz type pedals and humbuckers don’t always traditionally get along so I dialed this version in specifically to work especially well with humbucker guitars. And down-tuned guitars too. I love sludgy down-tuned guitar sounds but a lot of pedals sound muddy when tuning down to D or C#. So I tuned Silicon Karma Suture to work great in that setting while not losing anything when playing single coils and standard tuning.

But my favorite thing to do with either model is to plug it into a cranked up amp and then play a big open power chord and let it sustain. When I hear those waves of evenorder harmonics “percolating” away, I get amazed by the idea of the electric guitar all over again. It just sounds so epic!

I’m really excited about this new version of the Karma Suture. It sounds thick and rich while paradoxically bright and cutting at the same time. You won’t get lost in the mix when you turn it on!

Enjoy! Be loud. Be proud.

… Howard