Red Sun FX White Fuzz

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The WHITE FUZZ is a pedal design that evolved from my nearly 100 pedal builds. This pedal is loosely based on the classic 70s silicon Fuzz Face circuit but features a special circuit board, more versatile sounds and a tone control.

This special Edition was designed by MATT WILKINS who has worked with The Shrine, Kadavar and many others. There will be only ten pedals with this artwork.

This pedal is used by Mountain Witch & Stoned Jesus.


selected silicon transistors

circuit handwired on a special circuit board

Switchcraft jacks, OMEG audio grade potentiometers

industry grade footswitch

True bypass with white status LED

rugged black powdercoated Hammond enclosure

laser-etched faceplate

Size with knobs/jacks: 116mm x 100mm x 52mm

screen printed cloth bag included

The pedal is powered environment & pedalboard-friendly by a 9V-Boss type jack.